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Training Calendar

Below are our current dates for the different course levels and topics. Combine Cycle Fundamentals must be completed prior to the advanced course. Visit the Training Courses Overview page for more details on the material covered. Use our Enrollment Form to reserve your training and we will contact you back with additional details.

Level 1: Combined Cycle Fundamentals
June 25th thru June 28th, 2018
August 13th thru August 16th, 2018
September 17th, thru September 20th, 2018
October 1st, thru October 4th, 2018
October 15th, thru October 18th, 2018
November 5th, thru November 8th, 2018
November 12th, thru November 15th, 2018
January 7th, thru January 10th, 2019
January 21st, thru January 24th, 2019
Level 1: Conventional Plant (Coal / Gas) Fundamentals
July 9th thru July 12th, 2018
August 20th thru August 23rd, 2018
August 27th thru August 30th, 2018
October 8th, thru October 11th, 2018
December 3rd, thru December 6th, 2018
January 14th, thru January 17th, 2019
January 28th, thru January 31st, 2019
Level 2: Advanced Combined Cycle Operation
July 16th thru July 19th, 2018
July 30th thru August 2nd, 2018
September 10th, thru September 13th, 2018
October 22nd, thru October 25th, 2018
Level 2: Combined Cycle Trip, Safe Shutdown, Advanced Casualty and Malfunction Scenarios with Diagnostics
July 23rd thru July 26th, 2018
August 6th thru August 9th, 2018
September 24th, thru September 27th, 2018
Check out the Training Course Overview for more details on each course, and fill out the enrollment request form today to get started.