Training and Consulting

SimGenics instructors are responsible for training hundreds of power plant operations and maintenance personnel in the last 20 years. We have put together a world class training organization that effectively uses classroom and universal and plant specific simulation to extensively teach on the following subjects.

  • Power plant fundamentals.
  • Power plant trip, safe shutdown, and recovery.
  • Power plant loss of station service (black-plant) fundamentals (this includes engineering studies and procedures).
  • Power plant control room operational fundamentals.
  • Every major type of suspension-fired and fluidized bed boilers.
  • Every major type of turbine.
  • Every major type of generator and excitation system.
  • Power plant efficiency.
  • Power plant electrical systems, including relaying and control.
  • Power plant instrumentation and control systems.
  • Combustion and combustion chemistry for low NOx burners.
  • Combustion and fuel firing systems and components.
  • Combined Cycle Plant versions of the above training are also available.
Training and Consulting

We feel that the learning occurs in the classroom. We then augment what was learned in the classroom on the simulator. We have thousands of actual pre-tests and post-tests from students to support our claim that our training process works. We also have extensive accolades (references available upon request) from clients to support our claims. We believe that we have the most effective simulator training available in the world today.