Instructor Station

SimuPACT includes a fully-featured, flexible Instructor Station that can be configured and enhanced to suit every client’s unique needs.

Standard Functionality includes

  • Full control of simulator execution, i.e. Run, Freeze, Stop.
  • Loading and Saving Snapshots/Initial Conditions (ICs).
  • Configuring, Loading and Saving Backtrack ICs.
  • View and Trace all Process Model Pages as well as DCS Logic Emulation Pages.
  • Initiate Malfunctions on all Equipment, Including Generic and Specific Malfunctions.
  • Initiate Remote Functions (i.e. Manual Operations on the Plant).
  • Set External Parameters.
  • Configure and View Trends on all Process Parameters.
  • Control Trainee Performance Review (TPR) System.
  • Create and Configure Interactive Tutorials, Out Of Bounds Monitoring and Reporting Parameters for the Virtual Instructor Application.
  • Manually Create, or Record and Edit Scenarios to be used for Elaborate and Comprehensive Training Sessions.