Power Plant Simulation and Training System

We are pleased to offer full featured, real time, high fidelity simulation models that provide training on all major power plant equipment and control systems.

SimGenics is now booking training at our National Power Simulator Training Center (NPSTC) in Grand Junction, Colorado using any of our 20+ simulators including the new 3D-Pact Combined Cycle Simulator. Schedule Training

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Each of our semi-specific power plant simulators provide training on all major power plant equipment and control systems. This includes B & W, Alstom (C-E), Foster Wheeler, and Riley boilers, coupled with G.E. Westinghouse, BBC, or Alstom Turbines. These plant equipment configurations can be supplied with several different universal control system emulations.

Our power plant simulation systems are semi-portable allowing transport to any venue of your choice. Our instructors are the most knowledgeable in the industry and are sure to supply the most memorable simulator and classroom training that your power plant employees have ever experienced. We have hundreds of testimonials to verify this!

We now have three different 2 on 1 combined cycle simulators and several simple cycle simulators available for training or for generic sales. They include General Electric Frame 7Fa GT’s and D-11 Steam Turbine, Siemens SGT6-5000F and Alstom, and Westinghouse 501 F and Toshiba. Simulator Options

SAMAHNZI: Simulation and Training

SimGenics has completed the merge with Samahnzi!

By putting the best of both companies together we now provide the following services:

  • Full and part scale STIMulations
  • Full and part scale virtual STIMulations
  • 3D Pact simulation.  This is a ground breaking new technology that allows integration of a full 3D Plant with the existing Training Simulator. 3D Pact truly puts the physical plant in the classroom.

We can provide power plant operations and simulator training in virtually every area. This includes control room fundamentals, advanced control room operation, unit trip, safe shutdown, and hot restart, efficiency improvement, plant electrical, malfunction training, black plant (loss of station service) training, or plant specific boiler, turbine, or control system training. These and many other comprehensive courses can be taught with or without using a simulator. However, the most memorable and comprehensive power plant training is using a 50/50 classroom and simulation mix. By combining classroom training and then augmenting this using a full scale, real time, high fidelity simulator, the learning objectives are met far quicker, and more memorable than just classroom or simulation training alone.

Customized Simulators

SimGenics develops high quality, plant specific, full scale, real time, high fidelity power plant simulation and simulators. We can modify any of our existing universal simulators to more closely match your facility for thousands of dollars less than building from the ground up. For a partial list of the available universal simulators see our Simulator Sales page. All of our simulators, when purchased, are accompanied by our extensive library of training material that includes hundreds of PowerPoint slide shows on every major power plant operational topic.

Some of our Many
Highly Requested

Training Topics

  • Control Room Fundamentals
  • Advanced Control Room Operation
  • Unit Trip, Safe Shutdown & Hot Restart
  • Combustion Fundamentals
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Generator and Electrical
  • Extensive Malfunction Training
  • Loss of Station Service
  • Boiler, Turbine, and Control Systems
  • Plant Specific Turbine Training

Free Download

Are you ready for a serious challenge?

You can now download a fully functional nuclear power plant simulator from this website. It is based on the Soviet RBMK - 1000 graphite moderated reactor (much like the Chernobyl power plant that destroyed itself in 1986). This simulator includes the power turbine and generator and ALL major pumps and controls. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) includes controllers, alarm displays, and reactor core dynamics. Operating this simulator is a serious challenge for the serious gearhead and even existing nuclear plant operators. If you enjoy the complexity and realism of this simulator, for $12.00 you can purchase the professional version (Coming Soon!) that allows you to save and restore your progress and initial conditions (we call them snap-shots). You will also receive a fully illustrated user's manual (PDF) with the professional version download.

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